Coimbra is within easy reach from two international airports (Porto and Lisbon, respectively 100 km and 200 km away) and is very well served by public transportation.

From both airports, the simplest connection scheme is airport -> metro to central train station -> train to Coimbra.

From Lisbon (LIS):

Get the metro at the airport (red line) to the railway station ORIENTE. From there, catch a train to Coimbra-B (trip duration of about 2 hours).

Once in Coimbra-B station, you can catch city buses to the city centre (~20-25 minutes) or a taxi (10-15 minute ride).
Train timetables and prices can be checked and booked at Note that tickets can also be bought on-site at the railway stations (although for a higher price than if booked online in advance).
The “alfa pendular (AP)” and “intercidades (IC)” are the fastest trains and the best option to travel to Coimbra.
Coimbra city buses schedules and routes: SMTUC website ( or, alternatively, via the Moovit app (on this webpage, or using the Android app and setting the location to Coimbra).

From Porto (OPO):

Get the metro right at the airport (line B) to the railway station CAMPANHÃ (the city’s main trian hub). From there, take a train to railway station Coimbra-B (trip duration of about 1 hour).

The Airport Shuttle Bus:

Airport shuttles can also be booked online, and are usually not very expensive (close to the total price of a train + metro + taxi ride):