Financial support to participants

Financial support will be awarded to a limited number of participants on a per-application basis. Support can include fee waiving, accommodation and travel support.

Participants who wish to apply must be the contact author and the presenting author of their contribution, and they must submit an abstract by June 20, 2024. The LOC will, in due time, decide upon which applications will be funded, and on what level of support to be provided. All applicants will be informed of the decision thereafter.

The deadline to submit an application for financial support is July 5, 2024, through the form below.

The application file must be a single pdf file with the following content:

  • a CV
  • the abstract submitted to ESWW 2024
  • a proof of registration at the university (corresponding to the Career Stage declared), or PhD diploma
  • a letter of motivation
  • a letter of recommendation (not required, but strongly recommended)
Have you submitted an abstract? *