Call for Topical Discussion Meetings

Opening of TDM submission:

Friday 8th March 2024

Deadline for submission:

Friday 19th April 2024

Topical Discussion Meetings (TDMs) are an important component of the European Space Weather Week (ESWW) – a format meant to facilitate engaging debates within the heliospheric, and space weather and space climate communities. These meetings provide the opportunity for interested participants to address key issues in a community forum style that complements the conference sessions.

We invite and encourage ESWW participants to submit brief proposals for TDMs for the upcoming ESWW2024 meeting in Coimbra, Portugal. The submission opens on Friday, 8th of March 2024 and closes on Friday, 19th of April 2024. Potential convenors must describe in dedicated fields of the proposal form the target community, the expected outcome of the meeting, and its potential impact.

We are providing a detailed set of TDM guidelines, which we expect TDM leaders will follow. These are based on previous experience and will help you plan better your forum for community discussions, debates, and interactivity. They will help enhance the TDM experience at ESWW.

The ESWW PC will review the TDM proposals and select which ones can be organised within the conference programme this year. All submissions will be evaluated in terms of their preparation, topicality, and adequacy for encouraging discussion. Due to increased interest, a selection of the proposed TDMs will take place. Proposers of successful and unsuccessful submissions will be notified in the second quarter of 2024.

To allow good dissemination of the outcome of the TDMs, and to inform the community about a discussion they missed, the Convenors of successful TDM proposals are required to provide a Summary Report, including any actions/outcomes, within two weeks of the TDM taking place at the ESWW.

Looking forward to your submission(s)!